Toys For Tots

Jacob, Tyler, Kyle, William


The toys for tots program is run by the United States marine corps reserve which distributes toys to children who's parents can't afford to buy them gifts for christmas. The foundation was started in 1947 by reservist major Bill Hendricks. The organization began when major Bill Hendricks and his wife tried to donate some of there kids toy to kids who were in need and couldn't afford christmas but couldn't find a organization to do so.

Our Purpose

Our purpose in this project is to bring attention to the Toys for Tots organization and many other charities alike. We hope to be able to receive as many donations as possible to go and give to all of the lesser fortunate kids.

The Outcome

Our final outcome was tremendous! we collected enough toys to fill 3 shopping carts! With the toys we donated we hope that they find a good home with a child that may not be as fortunate as us.

Lasting Impression

For our lasting impression, we decided to make a video. we thought a video would be best because of how easily accessible videos are. We think that people who view our video will be encouraged to go out and donate.