UOPX Student Resources

Encouraging Success for All Learning Styles

Virtual Organizations

UOPX offers virtual organizations in a variety of industries for students to practice applying new concepts into a safe business environment. Our virtual organizations offer realistic data, relevant problems and unique solutions. As adults, application of knowledge is vital to the full comprehension of a subject, but also ensures students understand the results of certain approaches. Andragogy focuses on using experience to apply new information and virtual organizations allow students to access environments where they can do so.

Center of Math and Writing Excellence

UOPX offers many resources to help students be successful in the classroom. Adults often need individual support and more guided conversations on specific subjects and learning objectives. The Center of Math and Writing Excellence offer just that. Without doing the work for the student, these resources help navigate students through lessons and guide them through understanding why work is done a particular way. This source is particularly helpful for students who need to observe others completing work and learn by observation and then application.

Phoenix Career Guidance System

The ultimate objective of obtaining education is to utilize that in some form or fashion. UOPX is committed to aligning curriculum with workforce competencies in an effort to prepare graduates for successful careers. The Phoenix Career Guidance System allows students and alumni to determine which careers best match their strengths, understand what skill sets are required in those roles, gather information on the job market for positions in that area and even determine potential salary and additional educational requirements or recommendations.


24 Hour Technical Support

UOPX offers students 24 hour access to our help desk and technical support. The intention of providing this service is so that employees are enabled for success regardless of technologies random challenges. We recognize that all learners are not as technologically savvy and able to address their own issues, so a trained staff will offer support by trouble shooting the problem with students.

Phoenix Prep Center

Adults beginning college later in life are often nervous about how ready they are to step back into the classroom. Phoenix Prep Center offers resources for potential and current student to take several academic assessments to determine their math, typing, reading and comprehension skills, etc. Here students can also take learning profile assessments to determine which medium will best suite their learning style, And lastly students can also take a career assessment to determine which professions might best suite their interests and strengths.
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