Space Station


What Is A Space Station?

A space station is a living/research facility that orbits Earth, usually there is about 8 to 10 astronauts in a space station depending on the size. Some of you may be wondering what the astronauts do, but the answer is pretty clear they do experiments and study space in 0 Gs (zero gravity). The space station is very important as the astronauts fix satellites so you can go on Facebook, Instagram (etc), it is also contributes a major role in the study of space science.
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Life On A Space Station

Life on space station is like life on Earth but everything they do is in zero gravity. Since there is no gravity the astronauts lose muscle strength because everthing is practically weightless, so the astronauts have to exercise so they can stay in top physical shape as possible. Astronauts meals are liquid food, for instance carrots if you wanted to eat carrots they would be in a plastic package mashed up like mashed potatoes and you slurp the mush. The astronauts do not grow food they get their supplies from space shuttles that bring a variety of supplies, astronauts can request supplies to be flown up to them too. Since being on a space station is a job, astronauts must conduct 35 hours of research weekly. Hygiene is important in space so astronauts do normal things shower, sleep, and go to the bathroom. Important task that astronauts do is monitor weather disturbances and fix/keep the station up to date.
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Fun Facts

Astronauts stay on the space station for about 6 months or longer. Since the space station is moving at an average 17000 mile per hour it takes about 90 minutes to orbit Earth. In order to keep astronauts from going crazy astronauts can do hobbies that they enjoy like drawing,photography, and using a HAM radio. The astronauts also keep in touch with their families through e-mail and recently NASA has been able to get a satellite phone so astronauts can make calls to Earth besides mission control.

Live Footage From The ISS


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