The Boston Massacre

By: Kaila Y, Kaylee D, Sarah B, Tyler B

What lead up to the event

The Boston massacre took place March, 5th, 1770. The sons of liberty were a patriotic group that were opposed to the stamp act. They advertised the Boston Massacre to get the British troops out. The massacre resulted in the death of five colonist and 6 where injured. The loyal colonist would be against the protest which lead to the Boston Massacre. This lead to the colonies uniting against Britain. The Patriots where for the Boston Massacre, they wanted the colonies to unite and the loyalist where against it because they didn't want any conflict with Britain. October 1768, the first British troops arrived to Boston. On March 5th 1770, the Boston massacre occurred. The colonist were affected by the causes that led up to the Boston massacre. When the colonist had enough and were done with the British that is when they started to fight back. This worsen the relationship between the colonist and British because now the relationship turned very violent.