The Outsiders

Characterization Project

By Nikhil and Max

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My first picture is a picture of Elvis, it is tuff to Dallas because he's the artist almost all greasers listen too. My second picture is a denim jacket, it's tuff to Dallas because it's the type of clothes that greasers wear. My third picture is a picture of a fist and the words fight, it is tuff to Dally because he enjoys fighting and showing off. My fourth picture is a criminal record, it is tuff to Dally because he thinks it's tuff when people have a criminal records. My fifth picture is of a finger gun, it is tuff to Dally because he finds it tuff if you have a heater "gun".

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Just sent Ponyboy and Johnny to an abandoned church in the country. Hiding them from the fuzz.

#Secret #Don'tTellEm


__________________Tulsa High Yearbook__________________

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Motto: Let’s do it for Johnny

Favorite Sports: Football

Future Plans: Beating the Soc’s

Most Likely To: Go to prison

Greatest success or accomplishment in life: Saving Johnny and Pony from the Fuzz

Pastimes and Hobbies: Rodeos, Fights, and Clubs


Simile Description

Dallas is as dangerous as a murderer

"I used to draw his picture in a dangerous mood, for then I could get his personality down in a few lines" (Hinton 10)

Dallas is as tough as titanium

"He was tougher than the rest of us" (Hinton 10)

Dallas is as wild as an Animal

"He was wild as the boys in the downtown outfits, like Tim Shepard's gang." (Hinton 11)



Dallas Winston

Strong, cold hearted, tall

Tough as titanium

Who has shining blond hair

But lives in the darkness

Who feels like nothing matters

But needs love and caring people

Who fears of helping people

But gives advice to Ponyboy and Johnny

Who would like to see Johnny

But ended up with bullets in his heart


Rewritten scene in the view of Dally

I was up partying with Buck when someone told me that that there were two kids that needed me. It must be Johnny and Ponyboy. Why would they come to me for anything. It must be urgent. I stepped up to the door to see Johnny with his shirt stained in blood and Ponyboy drenched with water. I asked them what the deal was and they told me the gruesome story about how Johnny killed a soc. When they finished the story I was proud of Johnny for killing that soc and all I could say was “Good for you.” They told me that they needed money and were sorry for ruining my party. I told him I was in the bedroom. At that moment I saw how red his ears were . Looking back to when I said I was in the bedroom I realized what he was thinking and reassured him that I was just sleeping. I immediately told him about the run-in and me and Sheppard had, when I cracked a rib from that old rascal Tim. “That was the reason why I was sleeping in the bedroom.” Sodapop was shivering and boy he looked cold. I told him “Glory Hallelujah you'll die of pneumonia before the cops get you.” I quickly told him to take off his shirt and put a dry one on so he wouldn't freeze to death. I remembered what he asked of me and told him that I would be right back. I went and got a heater (unloaded) and some cash. I knew they needed a hideout and I had a perfect one in abandoned church up in the country. I told them where to go and knew I wouldn't see them for a while.

Characterization for Dallas Winston

Considered the toughest hood in the gang and is Known as "Dally." He is as tough as steel with elfish face and icy blue eyes. Unlike the others he doesn't use grease in his white-blonde hair. He is more violent than the rest of the gang and loves brawls. He is proud of his criminal record and thinks its tuff. He feels protective of Johnny and loves him.