"Like a bulb went off in my head"

Chase Drackett


I chose this section because I love when I think of memories that I know everything about and remember vividly. It might help others but helping them remember some good times vividly.
Flashbulb memory is a memory that you remember vividly and it's long lasting. It's a personal memory that happened to you or your surroundings.
Flashbulb memory has to do with the amygdala which has to do with emotional memory in the brain.
Many researchers and psychologist did a lot of research on the people on the streets when 9/11 happened. The idea of flashbulb memory was purposed by Roger Brown and James Kulik.
Even though the memory is vivid, the accuracy decreases in 3 months. It is so vivid because the memory has to do with emotion. It also has a emotional arousal.