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September 23, 2020 Newsletter

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Greetings Woodcrest families,

As we have begun the second full week of school, it has been nice seeing how everyone has begun to establish new routines. This morning, our staff, teachers teaching in both of our learning models, met together virtually to reflect on their teaching practices and routines. It quickly became apparent that both groups of staff have reasons to celebrate.

Our teachers working with kids in Extended Flexible Learning (distance learning) are seeing your children adapting to learning online. They report that making refinements to the weekly schedules and communication home have been fruitful and helpful for all involved.

Our teachers working in the Modified Campus (hybrid) model continue to make minor shifts in their daily schedule. These shifts ensure joy-filled engaging classroom time and safe and healthy building routines at lunch and recess. We will continue to identify areas of refinement as we know that what works well for some may not work well for others.

I too have enjoyed adapting my practice to this building, staff and students. Meeting students at the busses during arrival and walking students to your car during dismissal has been a great way to get to know your children and introduce myself to some of you.

I know that each of you have had to adapt and adjust this year as well. That said, each day we are learning how to identify the appropriate balance of assignments and how learning at school and at home days will work best for each student. I am committed to being your partner in making this year great. If you have any questions or concerns, please do not hesitate to be in touch with your student’s teacher or me.

John Franke
Interim Principal

Additional Notes from the Principal

Reminders for Modified Campus (hybrid) Learning

Arrival and Dismissal. We continue to refine our arrival and dismissal practices. During arrival, please remain in your vehicle and have your child ready to exit. Do not walk your child to the door. At dismissal, please have your pick-up number clearly posted in your vehicle and/or be standing outside of your vehicle so we can better identify you and ensure that your child safely gets to you.

Breakfast and Lunch Service

To ensure an even safer breakfast and lunch experience, we have begun food delivery to each classroom in the building. Please know that breakfast and lunch are free to ALL students right now through an extension of the federal summer meals program.

Updates and Reminder on Extended Flexible Learning (Distance Learning)

It has been fun to pop into a few classes and see the students and staff already working so well together. At the end of last week, teachers shared images of their end-of-week celebrations. Ask your child about it...I saw a lot of smiles on WebEx. I am sure the memory will bring another smile to their faces.

Update for all

  • Student Picture Day is coming up. I know that Lifetouch has reached out to families with information about ordering your students photos. As we approach this event we will share more information about student photos for both Modified Campus (hybrid) and Extended Flexible Learning (Distance Learning).

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What to expect if teachers need to be absent

Absences are going to occur as they do in any school year – for all kinds of reasons. Fall allergies, colds and flu are on our doorstep as we also continue to see COVID-19 cases in our communities. We expect teachers will have days when they aren’t at school or are not able to fully engage in learning. We will honor a teacher’s right to privacy, and we want families to know what to expect as teacher absences occur this year.

For Modified Campus (Hybrid) Learners:

  • If a teacher needs to be absent and is unable to teach, your student will have another teacher in the classroom. We will communicate a plan with families any time a teacher's absence will exceed a week.
  • If a teacher needs to be absent and is still able to teach, they will continue to teach from home using our technology tools with support in the school classroom provided by other staff members who are onsite.

For Extended Flexible Learning (distance learning), if a teacher needs to be absent and is unable to teach, your student will have an adult who checks on the class and establishes the plan for self-guided (asynchronous) learning for the day. If the absence is extended, we will communicate a plan with families.

If you have questions about the approach for supporting the continuation of learning, please contact the school office.

Music: Learning, Health and Safety

We continue to offer meaningful and safe music education opportunities for students in both the Modified Campus Schedule (Hybrid) and Extended Flexible Learning (Distance Learning) learning models. Our music educators and health staff have spent significant time developing opportunities and reviewing health and safety guidelines to support deep learning and protecting health.

If your student participates - or is considering participating - in music opportunities, please take a moment to learn more about how we're approaching the learning and health and safety protocols on the Music: Learning Approach and Health and Safety page.

Woodcrest Spanish Immersion Printed Newsletter

Not only does the Woodcrest Spanish Immersion newsletter get published online every week, we can also provide a printed newsletter when requested. If you would like to receive a printed newsletter please connect with Yesica at 763-600-5802 or via email and a printed newsletter can be sent home with your student. You can also come to the main office and a printed newsletter will be provided to you as well.
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  • October 12, 2020- There is no school for students
  • October 13, 2020- There is no school for students
  • October 14, 2020- There is no school for students
  • October 15, 2020- There is no school for students
  • October 16, 2020- There is no school for students
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