Weekly Log

January 7, 2013 - January 10, 2013

Monday, January 7

Today was the first day back from break, so we were all looking a little tired when we came in. In class we discussed any last minute questions we had about our preschool project. Mrs. Barber also talked about our contract points that are due Friday. After those questions we all got into our groups to talk about our projects. Brianni was not here today so Steadman, Sarah, and I decided we would meet at 3:30 at my house for last minute preparations.

Tuesday, January 8

Today Steadman, Sarah, Brianni and I presented our preschool Lighthouse Learning Center. Our guests were Mrs. Shaffer, Mrs. Price, Stacey Gilbert, and Mr. Skipper. Because our project was so large, when we got to class we set up four desks to organize everything. Sarah started out by reading the parent letter, and when she mentioned the food Brianni talked about our lunch menu. Then I talked about the classroom and the playground and explaining our thought processes in creating the displays. Steadman finished by explaining the layout of the building and all the security features. When we were done Mrs. Price asked a few questions as well as Mrs. Shaffer. Mr. Skipper also gave us some financial pointers which we appreiciated. When all was said and done, I felt that our group did a really good job creating and presenting our project.

Wednesday, January 9

Today we had our last two groups present their projects. The first group to go was Summer, Katie, and Amber and their project was called Kidz Center. Katie started by reading the handouts for the daycare and preschool. Then Amber explained the playground and Summer explained their classrooms. I really enjoyed their presentation because it was very nicely organized. The last group to go today was Kimberly, Taylor, Claire, and Kaylee. Kaylee and Kimberly explained all the ins and outs of the format, the rules, and everyday life of the preschool. Then Claire explained their display of the triangle room. The way they set it up to where the front came off was really interesting. To finish off, Taylor explained the fire exits and the indoor playground and security features. I think that their entire design was different and unique...in a good way! The bell rang right when Taylor was talking, but Kaylee quickly went over the teacher ad. I also really liked that both the groups involved church or Biblical outlooks.

Thursday, January 11

Today in class we had a substitue, Mrs. Tobin. She was really quite like always and told us that we were watching a movie. We started watching Ron Clark  Story and so far I really like it. Besides the fact that Mathew Perry was the lead role, the story line was really captivating. He told the kids to never give up, but they pushed him so far that he wanted to. I really did not want to leave class and just wanted watch the movie. Amber and I thought that one of the boys in the movie looked familar but could not figure out where he was from, that is still aggravting me just thinking about it. I also thought it was interesting that his number one rule was "we are a family,' this has never crossed my mind as being a rule. When I think about it though, it makes sense because there are certain ways you  are supposed to treat your family no matter what and stick with them.