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Let's have an A-May-zing May!

Team Updates!

I thought I'd try my hand at a newsletter now the team is bigger and we are growing. Let me

Know if you fine this useful and would like more!! I'd first like to welcome two new ladies to my own team, Louise in Warrington and Sarah in Petts Wood. Mary in New Eltham is also starting her business this month after joining a couple of months ago but has been unwell - glad you are better and excited to start! Good luck and have fun as you start your own beauty business, be warned the products are soooo lovely you will become addicted!

Lucie's Team continue to grow with X and X joining, welcome ladies! Lucie has recruited 12?since starting her business by always asking everyone to join - tending to say why not join over why not host, an approach we can all adopt, I'd love to see our team up there is the top 5, we are new, we love beauty and the business is an easy one to get to grips with... Which ladies do you know who don't like treating their skin, hair, nails, body to make themselves look and feel better?