Cell phones

Cell phones

"In 1973 Dr. Martin Cooper made the first ever cell phone call" (Borth).

“The word cell phone is based off how the cell phone system divides areas into a set of hexagonal “cells” which contain towers in the center” (Kinder).

The Evolution of Cell Phone

Cell phones in school

"In a study of 625 teens 12% can have their phones all day in every class, 62% can have their phone but not in all classes, 24% go to schools with no phone policies, and the remaining 2% don’t go to school" (Lenhart).

Cell phone use

"Today 46% of American adults say they could not live without their cell phones. 15 years ago only 28.3% of people even owned a cell phone" (Lenhart).

"There are about 3 billion calls being made every day from cell phones in the US alone" (Lenhart).