Sandro's Career Project

Journey to Becoming a Geographer

March 9th, 2015

What Were My Three Career Options?

When I took the test into what job I would want to pursue when I grow up, my top three choices were an Historian, Geographer, and an Industrial Ecologist. A Historian studies important figures or periods of time, a Geographer studies the Earth's natural environment and humane society, and an Industrial Ecologist is a science in which improves the environment.

Why Did I Choose the Path of Being a Geographer?

I chose this out of my three options not only because I have a deep passion for geography, but because it would be fun to travel to parts of the world and study new features and learn new cultures.

What Do Geographers Do? What is Their Salary?

Geographers study the Earth and the physical features it has, create maps, and some work for the federal government. The average geographer earns about $76,000-80,000 a year, which equals to about $36.74 an hour. This job has had a -2% decline in the past year.

What is a Misconception About Being a Geographer? How Will I Overcome It?

A misconception or concern about my job is that it takes a lot of memorization in places and names. I will overcome this by studying and reading maps often.


In conclusion, being a geographer sounds fun and interesting, but I first have to go to college and get my Bachelor's degree. After that, I have to work hard to pay all of my student loans and taxes.