Parent Updates

Week of October 4, 2021

Congratulations Are in Order

Congratulations to our fifth grade teacher Kelly Colucci. She was selected by our staff as the Teacher of the Year for Claywell! It is a joy to be in her classroom. She plans extensively and has the most energetic classroom. She holds all of her students accountable. She is a go to person in our school that forms wonderful relationships with our staff and students. She is a wonderful nomination.

Tara Schwartz, our ESE Specialist was selected as the Ida S. Baker recipient this year. This award is for those who work closely with At Risk students. Mrs. Schwartz is an asset to our school and she runs around supporting everyone. She too is someone that stops what she is doing to help everyone in our school.

Our Instructional Support Person for Claywell is Luz Gomez. Luz is a custodian on our campus that simply works hard and takes great pride in what she does. Luz too is someone that is proactive in our school and gets the job done. We are fortunate to have Luz on our campus.

The above people characterize our school. We have a staff of hard working, caring people that don't define themselves by the title the work. If they see something that needs to get done they get it done. We have a wonderful staff and I am happy these three get the recognition they deserve.

Conference Night and Instruction

We had 587 conferences the night of conference week. Thank you for supporting our school and your child. The format is a little bit different over the computer, but we got it done. I highly recommend staying up to date with your child's grades. Our teachers are a wonderful resource to help your child improve. Our motto this year is "One Percent Better Everyday"

Our instruction has been tremendous this year. We are focusing on high level student discussion in every subject. We are able to determine between discussion and writing how accurately your child is learning. It is incredible the level of discussion we are hearing in the classrooms.

We are also working your kids hard. Our staff understands that we are constantly enriching and accelerating our students. Your child should be coming home tired and excited all at the same time. Our teachers continue to amaze me with the level of lessons they are giving to each child.

Volunteers on Campus

We have been given approval to have a few volunteers on campus. We would love to have help shelving and checking out books in the Media Center. There are different odds and ends around the schools that we can use help with too. We do have some caveats to being a volunteers. First you go on to Hillsborough Volunteer Services / Overview ( and get approved to be a volunteer. The next is we need notice the day before. I can approved this on my end. You will need to be approved to go on any fieldtrips this year. I would recommend if you think you want to go on a fieldtrip or come on campus to fill this out now. The process takes a few weeks to get into the system. The approval process is done at the county level and it is out of our hands. They send us who is approved.

We need people to help out in the Media Center. Please click below for the days and times you are available to help check out and shelve books. We would like to keep a consistent schedule so if you or a friend would like to alternate times it would be appreciated. The link is below.

Car Line Improvement

We still have some people that look confused when they are picking up kids. I presume it may be a family member that has never been to our car line. I have spent years to have an efficient car line that is free from people cutting one another off. I sent out the below map so we could literally have 300 people in the car line and it would be free of people cutting in line. Coming down Northdale you will resist the temptation to turn on Shillington. You will go to the next street that has a turn lane which is called Sapwood. Take a left on to Sapwood all the way down to Southbreeze take a left, and then take a left on to Shillington. I know the quickest way is to take a left on to ShillIngton and then try to meander through the neighborhood or try to do a U Turn on Shillington which I believe is 148 dollars at this point. Save yourself the stress and follow our below map and save some money.

Our new system is working out very well. We are getting roughly 150 students safely in their cars in about 22 minutes. If we have no lull or late pick ups we can get even faster than that. Our car line is ending at about 2:22 each day again when everyone comes on time. Our goal is to get everyone home quickly so our teachers can get their many tasks done, and get home to their families at a proper time.

Big picture

Attendance and Being Prompt

We have seen tremendous growth in our attendance and we have gone from roughly 40 tardies from about three years ago to roughly fourteen. We are competing at each grade level to see who has the least tardies each month. The class with the least percentage of tardies wins a trophy that they keep in their classroom. Let's go Cougars!

Trunk A Ween, Thursday, October 28th 6-7 PM

We had a blast last year with our Trunk A Ween. We are going to do it again. Have your child dress up and we are going to have our staff out in the car line to hand out candy. We need your help. We need you to send in candy to the office so we can hand it out to our students. Our car line gates will close at 7 PM so please don't be late. Thanks everyone.

House Are Back!

We started our house program about three years ago and with Covid we haven't been able to start it back up until this year. Each staff member and student will be placed in a certain color house. We will be doing activities within our houses throughout the year. There will be different ways students can get tickets to earn points for their house. Things such as parent participation, being on time, doing great things around the school. All our staff will have tickets to hand out every time we catch students modeling our core values. This builds such great community within the school. We need each child to bring in $6.50 to cover the cost of the shirt. There will be a way to pay online which I will send out through a Parent Link this week.