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September 14-18, 2015

Greeters for this week


Becky Balboa


Gail Thomas


Katie Burnett


Donna Stanley


Julie Farris

ESC Staff Day

Don't forget to register for session # 052708 for the ESC Staff Day scheduled for Friday, September 11, 2015. You may dress business casual for this staff day!

Flu Shots

If you would like to get your flu shot here at Region 7, please register for session # 052344. They ran out of shots while here last year, so please register so that we can ensure there will be plenty of shots for those that would like to take advantage of the convenience of getting the shot here. As in the past, I will send out the forms when they are made available to me. Thank you!

Region 7 ESC

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DMAC Design & Delivery Coordinator

Special Ed Specialist (3)

High School Science Specialist

Technology Specialist

Head Start Education Specialist

Business Information System Specialist (2)

ELA Specialist, Middle School

Educator Certification Specialist

Secretary - Helpdesk, Technology

Administrative Secretary - Child Nutrition


To: Pino, Joseph
Subject: Re: Workshop 5 Day Reminder: 048717 09/09/2015 9:00 am Woodcock-Muñoz Language Survey Training PK-12/ IOWA (ITBS) Norm-Reference

Hi Joseph,

First, I want you to know that yesterday's "All Things ELL" training benefited me more than anything I have done so far! I am brand new at this ELL business, and I'm feeling overwhelmed. Yesterday was just what I needed.

Could you please put me on the listserv, please!! I'd greatly appreciate it.

Thanks a bunch,

Melissa Rhodes

Hallsville High School

ESL Coordinator


To: Baron, Tonja
Cc: Luff, Anita
Subject: RE: RtI-DMAC

Thank you so much, Mrs. Baron.

You have been such a pleasure to work with this week.

Our teachers felt very comfortable working with you.

I have been with Dr. Woods today on campuses. He commented that he heard great things from elementary teachers when he was on campuses on Wednesday.

They felt like the training was beneficial and applicable to what they needed.

Have a great weekend!

JoLynn Corley

Nacogdoches ISD


To: Stanley, Donna <DStanley@esc7.net>
Subject: Google Classrooms

Ms. Stanley,

Now that the school year has gotten into full swing for me, I find myself reflecting on the Google Classroom session I attended at Palestine High School a few weeks ago, wishing that I could implement every single idea and resource gleaned from the plethora of resources presented that day. There was so much wonderful information; I wish it had lasted more than 3 hours. In classrooms today, I feel that I am losing students when I am not continuously engaging them with technology in new, clever and exciting ways. I hope that you will consider, not only continuing this session, but expanding it to offer teachers, like myself the support they need to embrace technology to its fullest and embark on, what can seem at times, the overwhelming task of having a truly technology rich and, potentially, paperless classroom. In other words, I loved this session and would love to have an all-day version.

Thank you,

Stacie McNaughten,

Westwood High School

Algebra I and Geometry​


John Wink (Tatum Director of Curriculum, Instruction, Assessment & Federal Programs) said he was impressed with the Digital Learning conferences and even said that if we ever need a school district to provide a facility for anything we want to do to please ask him. He sent two tweets about Region 7 Digital Learning, one was encouraging people to register for the Technology fall conference in Oct and the other is below.

Fish! Tales - Exercises

Excerpted from Fish! Tales by Stephen C. Lundin, Ph.D., John Christensen and Harry Paul

Keep a gratitude journal, where you make daily records of the things for which you are grateful. Pay special attention to the important things you may have been taking for granted, but which could disappear in a heartbeat. Do this faithfully and by the end of the week you will be in a FISH! frame of mind. Then continue the process for the rest of your life.

At the market they throw fish, chant, and joke with customers. At Sprint they do the Chicken Dance, take disco breaks, and celebrate each other's accomplishments. As one of the fish guys said, "There are a million ways to play. It doesn't have to be throwing a fish." Make a list of as many ways to play as you can think of, or until you think of 50. Remember, it is about doing things that create a lighthearted feeling at work. Observe the person who lightens the mood when they enter the room. Pretend you are an explorer in an unknown land looking for fun. Start recording your ideas and observations. A few ideas to get you started: Crazy hat day...Post family pictures in the hall.

Have some Fun! Take five of the ideas you listed and implement one each day this work week. Remember that play operates in a context of "Make Their Day," "Be There," and "Choose Your Attitude." If you keep that in mind, your play will not be inappropriate.

Intend to Make Someone's Day. The fish guys at the market intend to make someone's day every day. They have learned that when you have an intention, opportunities show up. One company provided three motorized scooters to ride. It provided a great break in the day and a powerful message from the boss that employees are valued. Think of people in your life whose day you would like to make. List their names and when an idea emerges, write it down. Then, when the time is right, go for it.

Random Acts of Kindness are greatly needed at work. At the end of the week, write down your favorite random act of kindness and tell a friend about it.

Why Can't We Just Be Where We Are? The fish guys are not selling fish. They are working to improve the quality of life on the planet, one engagement at a time. And they sell a lot of fish. This is not something they could accomplish while distracted, disinterested, while talking on a cell phone or disengaged. They are present in spirit. They know how to "be where they are." Think of all the people with who you interact each week at work. Consider all the work settings you visit. This activity is designed to make all of those interactions more effective, less anxious, and more pleasant. Be There Ideas: When someone comes into your office to talk, either say, "This is not a good time," or shut down your computer monitor and unplug or ignore your phone while conversing with the person in front of you. If you need to take a call, explain that ahead of time. Move around your desk into a good "be-there" position. Always disclose the amount of time you have for a conversation and ask if it is enough. When making quick exchanges in the hall, position your body so all you can see is the other person. Use the person's name as often as you can without getting weird.

Find something to wear that reminds you of your commitment to living your life fully and that causes others to comment and ask you, "What is that about?" Each time someone asks you why you are wearing an octopus on your head, or whatever, you have an opportunity to recommit to your personal vision and at the same time start a small fire in the heart and spirit of another. Over time you will find your commitment deepening. When others ask why you are so upbeat, tell them about the choice your are making! It may help them see their own choices. And when you are blessed with an opportunity to help another human being to see her or his potential, take a minute to do that. It may be the most powerful legacy you leave on this earth. It is my hope for you that you catch your limit of life--every day!

“I may not have gone where I intended to go, but I think I have ended up where I needed to be.”
~Douglas Adams

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