My Mom

Mother's day

Character Traits

My mom is nice, kind, helpful, and patient.

Top 5 things about my mom

1.She is the best. 2.She is nice. 3. She cooks my family dinner. 4. She eats lunch with me. 5. She helps me with my homework, and she helps me with piano.

Her favorite color

Her favorite color is blue.
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What dose she like to do?

She likes to be with my family.
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What is her job?

She works at public heath.
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The best thing I like to do with her

I like to be alone with her. And play piano with her.
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Our trip

Last year,me and my family went to south dakota. We had a good time. And we meet this guy who seemed to not like his job. His name was Nick. We called him Grumpy Nick the driller.
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