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We are almost done with our first MATRIX covering place value. All final work is due on Tuesday, September 13, and I will be walking #5DFamily through the process of digital curation and self-assessment as it is always a bit of an interesting process the first time around. The Go-Math books also came home this week for learners who are not in Math Club. If you would like to have learners review concepts, we are currently finishing work in Module 1 which means they could use those pages as "practice" if you'd like.


5D has been busy working on their guided explorations for the last two weeks in preparation for independent S.W.I.M.A.S. menus. We will be focused on classifying questions into investigable and researchable categories and then pursuing questions that help build background knowledge that was missing on their pre-assessment. If you haven't seen our wonderful #5DFamily in action please enjoy the video below!


All learners have started Beginning of the Year assessments along with their first L.O.L. menus. We will be focused on: narrative writing, biographies, subject-specific vocabulary, spelling rules, and reading strategies with regards to tracking and comprehension over the next couple weeks. Please remember that all work can be viewed in your learner's Google Drive from home.

Our Story

We are currently trying to answer the following question in Our Story: "To what extent were the first 3 colonies successful, and to what extent were the first 3 colonies not successful?" It is our goal to finish this first unit and then move towards a better understanding of the original 13 colonies. Learners will work through experiences that are built to make them think about and question our founding principles while creating new schema about what made colonists want to flee their homelands.

Together WE Believe...Together WE Achieve!

Google Drive

Please log in to Google Drive and have your learners show you what they're working on in 5D!

Place Value MATRIX Due

Tuesday, Sep. 13th, 12pm


All activities in the first MATRIX are due on the 13th. We will look at the digital curation process before moving towards the self-assessment phase by the end of next week.