Ontario`s landscape

Ontario's landscape supports a wind range of wildlife, from large animals like moose, polar bear's , and black bear's in the northern region. to the smaller squirrels, raccoons, and rabbits in the forests of the southern region. Caribou roam across the wildness are as, and deer's are common in the south.

War Of 1812 The United State

War of 1812 the United States started a war against Great Britain and included Britain colonies in North America, Ontario was called back in the 1812 was upper Canada. Ontario got attack by the American's. Canadian's help's Ontario protect the town's and city's by American's, Canada and Ontario won the war and they burnt the white house.
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Ontario and Canada

Ontario and Canada are the top farmers. They grow peaches, grapes and cherries. Ontario raises beef, dairy, fruit, corn and mixed farms. They have built cars, trucks and boats. They found copper, nickel, zinc, platinum and silver. They have more miners than any province. Ontario gets to experience all four seasons. Ontario and northern Ontario have very different climates.