By Isabella marroquin and Tyra robinson

How is this natural resource formed.

Solar energy in the sun rays that reach the earths ( solar radiation) can be converted into heat and electricity. And solar panel directed the sun and shines on the panels and starts electricity.
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Is this a renewable or nonrenemable resources? Explain what this means.

Solar is renewable because the sun (always) their.

How is this natural resources used?

Solar energy can be used for heat and electricity,cook food during a expedition to Africa, you also can use it for camping and make fire ,and to keep you warm.
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What are the advantages of using this resource?

  • Solar energy is a renewable resource
  • Solar energy can be converted into energy
  • The system dose not produce air pollution or Co2

What are the disadvantage of using this resource ?

  • If you don't have a solar panel
  • It only comes out in the day so you have to save up quick
  • The amount of solar is not constant

Where are the resources found most abundantly ?

Solar is found more abundantly from the sun ( solar panel ). Also you can find it where it is very sunny and hot.

Are there any harmful effect to the earth during the process of collecting or harnessing this energy source?

It can over heat and can do water ,can produce to much vitamin D , can't be everywhere round the world.
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