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How to save our soil

The problem in california

Droughts in California

The United States Drought monitor showed that exceptional drought now covers nine percent of California. Some droughts in California could effect some farmers and it can also effect us by the crops and without them we would not be able to buy all of our fruit and vegetables. Drought can also effect us by not as many water it can also effect some animals that live in the the water and some of us eat food from the lakes,rivers,ponds, and the ocaen.

Dust bowls in california

There are at least a few of dust bowls in California.At the old times there where a lot of states with dust bowls.The dust bowls take away soil from farms and that is how the dust bowl affect California.

loss of soil fertility in California

Geostatical analyses show that the distribbution of soil N,P, and K is strongly associated with the presence of shrubs in desert habitats.

The solution

Counter plowing

the solution for counter plowing is to plow along the country of the land in order to minimize soil erosion.

Crop rotation

crop rotation is he practice