Working/Owning an Eco Friendly Cafe

By: Morgan W.


$48,130 per year

$23.14 per hour

(depending on how successful the cafe is)

Education Needed For Job

High School Diploma - Or an GED or HSED

It would also be helpful to have a degree in business.

Job Description/Duties

Running the cafe

-taking orders from customers

-making food for customers

-ordering products for cafe

-keeps inventory on products

-paying bills

Relationship Between Job and Environment

The relationship between an Eco Friendly Cafe and the environment is helping the environment. An Eco friendly cafe could use conservative energy (to run appliances and power lights), use locally grown products (to keep the gas from polluting the air), and could recycle recyclables (paper, plastic, glass). A cafe could also have a garden to grow fresh fruits and vegetables. However, all these ideas depend on the climate the cafe is in.


Advantages to Me - Would meet new people and get lots of exercise.
Advantages to the Earth - Using recycled or local products for the cafe (not wasting trees), not polluting the air by shipping products, and growing fresh fruits and vegetables in a garden.


Disadvantages to Me - Long hours and dealing with unhappy costumers
Disadvantages to the Earth - Having to use some electricity to run appliances and lights

Interesting Things I Found

-Employment for food service managers/owners of a restaurant of cafe are expected to decline 3% between the years 2010-2020.

-There are some Eco Cafes/Restaurants in the United States

-Eco friendly Cafes do more than just recycle (some use solar power or wind energy, some have their own gardens, and some even use food scraps for compost)