Marine Biologist

I Want That Job!

The Job of a Marine Biologist

         You may wonder what exactly is a marine biologist? Well a marine biologist studies marine life. They study the marine plants, and animals. They study  how these organisms react with other living things in the ocean. They also track whales to learn more about there lives and to protect them from their predators.

How do they Benefit our Society?

           Marine biologists not only have a great job, they also are a great help to our society. Some ways they benefit the society are, they research how the ocean's acidification affects plants and animals, help the seafood industry, discover new bacteria, and track whales to provent them from becoming extinct. Marine biologists have wonderful jobs tat defintely have a positive affect on our society. One cool fact about a marine biologist's job is that they get to learn more about beautiful creatures.

Companies that Hire in this Field

Some companies that hire in this field are...Monterey Bay Aquarium Research Institution, National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration, and Scripps Intitution of Oceanography

What about their Salary, Education, and Personality?


 A marine biologists annual salary is $45,230

Education Required

       To become a marine biologist you must attend workshops and siminars on marine biology. Also you must have a bachelors or masters degree in marine biology, biology, zoology is required for most levels. Though you must have a PhD to participate in independent study, or to teach at a university level.

Personality Needed

To become a marine biologist, it may be helpful to have a love of nature and the oceans, creativity, persistance, and curiosity.