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  • Friday, May 28 - August 11 - Summer Break

  • SUMMER OFFICE HOURS: 8:00am - 3:00pm. Closed for summer break: June 11 - July 26. Please contact the district office for assistance during break: 925-944-6850

Yearbooks available next week...

Look for an email with more details soon

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Hello Panther Families,

Happy Summer! It has been such a challenging time as we walked through the COVID Pandemic these past 18 months. It is wonderful to see the light at the end of the tunnel.

Last week our 5th-grade class came together to celebrate their promotion. While we weren't able to have our usual MPR ceremony full of grandparents and family members, we were able to use our live streaming technology to have them join. The event reminded us all how lovely it is to be together.

It has only been through tremendous shared work and journey that we are arriving at the end, all together! I am honored to work with such a dedicated and persevering staff. The excitement of these past few weeks - baseball, school winding down, the first few *hot* days, and the opening of swimming pools...I'm thrilled for the sense of accomplishment and joy our students and staff have rightly earned. Parents and caregivers - you too!

We are busy planning for next year and can't wait to see you in person! We are planning an amazing opening with our traditional Welcome Back Day on August 9th. Please save the date for an afternoon of community, fun, and information too!



Thank You Dance-A-Thon Donors

Thanks to your generous donations 6 students slimed Principal Gomez!
The Importance of Productive Struggle
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2021-2022 School Calendar

2021-2022 academic calendar can be found HERE

Bell schedule can be found HERE

You Got This! 3 Keys to Middle School Success for Girls

You Got This! is a day filled with inspiration, as well as practical advice from real middle schoolers. Have your girl feeling excited and READY to dive into the next incredible academic and social chapter of her life.

No Composite Classroom Photos This Year

Often our photography company provides free composite photos of the class. Unfortunately,

this year due to all of the changes that Covid has brought to both our schools and to Dorian, they are not producing the complimentary composites. We are looking forward to a more normal school year next year and are hopeful that we can produce the complimentary composites for the students once again.


A Note From Your District Nurses:

As we near the end of the school year we wanted to remind you all of the preparation required for next year. If your child has a health condition and requires medication at school, you are required to submit a medication administration form (link) and an emergency action form for the following:

Asthma action form (link)

Severe allergy action form (link)

Seizure action form (link).

If you would like to discuss your child's health condition, and accommodations for next school year, please feel free to contact us.

Best Regards,

Kathy Schalin BSN, RN, PHN

District Nurse

Email:, Phone: (925)-330-1007

Molly Dowd, RN, MSN

District Nurse

Email:, Phone: (925)-330-8239



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Phone number: 925-944-6863


Please call or email before 9:00am on the day of the student's absence. Available 24/7.

If you are planning to be away, or on vacation for 5 or more days, please contact Shelly in the attendance office one week PRIOR to leaving to set up an Independent Study Contract.


WCSD SEL for Parents

Click for resources on supporting your student's social-emotional health.


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WCEF’s 2021 Summer Camp Guide-Wheel Kids

Wheel Kids offers four different week-long day-camps to keep your kids rolling and moving this Summer. From learning to ride on two-wheels to dirt jumps, Wheel Kids has a program for every bike rider! For other awesome summer camp ideas check out the WCEF Summer Camp guide, guaranteed fun for all ages. Plus, when you register with our WCEF Summer Camp partners you are supporting a local business who supports our public schools.


WCEF’s books officially close on June 30 and we are still trending about $100,000 short of this year’s $1.3 million commitment. As every student benefits from donations to WCEF, please donate any amount. $10 to $100, $25 to $250, $600 per student to more, all gifts make a difference for our students.

To date 43% of our families have donated to WCEF. In order for WCEF to be sustainable and help make additional programs possible that the state does not fund, we need every family to donate. If every family who has not donated gave $50, we would reach our goal. Donate today.

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2021 Summer Bike Challenge

Looking for free summertime recreation, fun for the whole family? Take the Summer Bike Challenge! June-August, riders of all ages can explore their hometowns on two wheels. Simply bike to each destination and cross off the squares as you go. Pick up free prizes on select dates, take weekly Bonus Challenges, and enter the iPad Grand Prize Drawing. Ready to roll? Visit to get started.

Summer Reading & Skills Program

This summer, help your child become a confident, enthusiastic reader in the Summer Reading Skills Programs, offered through Santa Clara University, School of Education & Counseling Psychology, a nonprofit organization and taught by instructors from the Institute of Reading Development.

Strengthen Skills, Build Confidence, Enjoy Reading

These programs teach key reading skills for every grade, from phonics and sight words for younger children, to comprehension, textbook strategies and writing skills for older kids, and everything in between.

Guided by a knowledgeable and supportive teacher, students in these programs experience reading success again and again, developing their skills and building confidence in outstanding books at the right level of challenge for each age.

Your child will build the skills, confidence, and motivation he or she needs to become an avid, enthusiastic reader, who enjoys reading for school and for pleasure.

How the Programs Work

Your child will attend weekly live online classes that build skills and provide great experiences with terrific books – books that are filled with interesting characters, exciting storylines, and engaging themes. Between classes, your child will practice reading and complete fun interactive lessons that develop core skills and build confidence.

An Institute of Reading Development teacher will provide all the support and instruction your child needs to grow as a reader and student. Your child will get a jumpstart on the next school year and be ready to make it a big success!

Let’s Discuss Your Child’s Reading Development.

Call to speak with a reading program advisor.


A variety of weekday and weekend options are available.

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