Don't Get Wrecked By Having Sex

By: Sydney Matthews

Overall Consequences of Sex

One overall consequence of sex is getting pregnant.A second consequence is that you can get an STD. And the third consequence is dying from HIV.
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STD's-Major Consequences

  • Yeast Infection-If left untreated it can cause burning and irritation
  • Chlamydia-Can cause damage to the reproductive and urinary organs
  • Genital Warts-The warts can increase in size and numbers
  • Gonorrhea-Joint problems and skin disease
  • HIV-Babies born with it
  • Syphilis-Damage to vital organs
  • Genital Herpes-passed on to babies
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Birth Control Methods

The best birth control method is to be abstinent. The runner up for the best birth control method is hormonal and barrier. Then you also have the barrier. After these methods comes the female condom. Last but not least you have the diaphragm .

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Responsibilities of Having A Baby

The responsibilities of having a baby are quite simple the first is that you have to make sure that the baby is safe, that they are in a safe environment. Another is to make sure that you don't neglect them. Another responsibility is that you have to properly provide for them. Lastly you have to have financial support.
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Safe Delivery Act

A safe delivery for a mother could be to have an injection of epidural so that the pain of birth doesn't hurt as much. Another safe delivery could be a C section so that no harm can come to the mother if the child has complications coming out.
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Under-age Sex Consequences

The consequences of having under-age sex is getting pregnant and having to raise a child while your still a child. Also having an STD transmitted to you.
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Benefits of Abstinence

The first benefit of abstinence is self respect for being able to go through with it. The second benefit is having that security of knowing no one can pursue you for sexual reasons. Third is that you could potentially have a stronger marriage. Also you can be at peace with yourself concerning past sexual partners because you may not have any. Lastly you won't have to worry about obtaining an STD or getting pregnant.
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