The Real Meaning

Songs from the Civil Rights Movement/ Vietnam Era

James Brown "Say it loud I'm black and I'm proud"

People are saying they don't deserve what they are asking for but they feel like they do. This song is intended for everyone, to make African Americans feel proud and for Caucasians to see that they are proud of themselves despite us. The mood is up and strong, they want to get their message out there. James Brown wrote this for the time period to go along with the civil rights movement. I chose this because it was pleasing to my ears.

Aretha Franklin "Think"

This talks about how starting back to even as a kid, it affects you and segregation does hurt and all they want is their freedom. This is intended for a white audience to get the message through their heads. The mood illustrates the message in the lyrics, that this segregation is hurting the African American race. This was written to help the civil rights movement and get the message out there. I chose this because it's a good song and I'm a Aretha Franklin fan.

Bruce Springsteen "Born in the USA"

This is talking about the strength of the United States during the Vietnam time. This is intended for the people of the USA, and to give them strength and hope during that time. The mood is more up and proud of what we are doing. Bruce Springsteen wrote this song because it went out to a lot of people and was something he knew would touch people. I chose this song because I grew up listening to it.

Billy Joel "Goodnight Saigon"

This is talking about the pain of the war and how nobody won during this time. This is intended for Americans and goes out to those who lost their lives during this bad time. The mood is slow and sad, "and we are so gung-ho, to lay down lives." Billy Joel wrote this to those who grieved to show that some people do understand the pain they are going through, and they lost their lives to a senseless war. I have always been a Billy Joel fan that's why I chose this.