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May 9, 2016

Solo and Ensemble Festival Results

On Saturday, we had 11 OTMS bandos participate in the city-wide Middle School Solo and Ensemble Festival. All of the kids worked really hard to prepare and played very well!! Here are the results of their performances:

2 rating (Excellent)

Lizzy Broswick (7), oboe solo

Brooklyne Dover & Maliyah Gregory (7), clarinet duet

Alec Tann (8), snare drum solo

Rachel Rellihan (8), flute solo

Aleesa Hill (8), clarinet solo

Rachel Rellihan & Addison Spillman (8), flute duet

1 rating (Superior)

Kyle Faris (7), trumpet solo

Jonathan Kelly (8), tuba solo

Lauren Archer (8), trumpet solo

Lauren Archer (8), piano solo

Truman Gouldmith (7), flute solo

Addison Spillman (8), flute solo

Truman Gouldsmith & Aleesa Hill (8), mixed woodwind duet

What's happening in band this week?

We have lots going on to wrap up our year, so read on!

normal day


normal classes; 7th graders have full band rehearsal after school until 4:00


normal classes; 7th grade may have full band during 6th hour (depends how Wednesday's after-school rehearsal goes)

AFTER SCHOOL--anyone who can stay and help move equipment would be greatly appreciated. We should be finished by 3:30.


The warm-up will begin at 6:45 sharp. 7th grade will be in the high school band room; 8th grade will be in the high school choir room. The kids should wear their regular concert attire (band polos, black dress pants/skirt, dress shoes). Because the choirs are singing first, there will be a brief re-setting of the stage that will happen before the bands begin playing (around 7:15). After the performances are finished, all of the kids will need to help clear the stage and return the chairs and stands to the band room. All school-owned horns should be left in the band room. All personally owned instruments and all binders should go home with the kiddos--we will be finished playing for this year!


All school-owned horns & mouthpieces are due back to OTMS. If getting them to school this week will be an issue, please bring them to the concert Thursday night and drop them off in the high school band room.


Any 8th grade bando (who is continuing in band next year) is invited to attend the mixer after school. It will be held in the high school band room. The kids do not need to bring anything, although donations of chips and/or soda would be appreciated! The parent meeting will start at 6 pm in the band room and should last 30-45 minutes.