Library Science Tutorial

How to: Tattle Tape a Book

By: Ellen Lopez

What is Tattle Tape?

    Tattle-Tape is a security system used in library books. It consists of a magnetic metal strip embedded in a strip of thick, clear adhesive tape.


  • A book (that hasn't already been tattle taped)
  • Tattle Tape Strip

1. Grab your book that you are planning to tattle tape.

We'll be working with the Fire Walker

Big image

2. Part the book to aproximitely half

It is preferred that you place the Tattle Tape in the middle of the book

Big image

3. Acquire your strip of Tattle Tape

Big image

4. Remove the liner from the security strip.

In other words unstick the plastic from the Tattle Tape Strip

Big image

5. Place the Tattle Tape near the spine of where you parted the book

Pull the strip until it is fully between the binding

Big image

That's it!

You've just tattle taped your book and it's ready to be shelved

Extra: What to do after

Following steps after you have successfully Tattle Taped your book

Sensitize the book

Just for reassurance make sure you sensitize the book before it's shelved

All you need to do is slide the book along the sensitizer

When the book is returned you also need to sensitize it

Big image

Check Out Time!

At the time of checking out REMEMBER to desensitize the book or else the alarm will go off if the student tries to go through!

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