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Are you despaired to lose weight? You have tried everything, right?

"Health is the state about which medicine has nothing to say." W. H. Auden

Release negatives and unwanted emotions attached to your weight blueprint. Get over your old baggages. Be prepare to be in shape again and keep it that way permanently!

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"Some of Our Top Testimonials"

Weight Management

Hell-To-Health Slim℠

~ Charlotte, Dallas, Texas

"I started to gain weight after my first child was born and even more after my divorce in 2010. Since then, I have been struggling to lose my extra weight.

I was certainly not aware of how much this was related to my emotional state. Stress certainly played a big role and also my various fears.

By giving me the big picture about my lifestyle, diet and emotional state; Natacha's has been my guide and gave me the motivation I desperately needed to start changing my life.

Today, I feel better than ever in my body and my mind. I started dating again after all those years of sadness and dissatisfaction in my romantic relationship with my ex-husband.

Thanks to her personal consulting services."

~ Diana, South Hampton, New Hampshire

"My weight loss resolution was simple: I needed to lose some quick weight for my wedding to fit into my dress.

All of my life I always kind of did some yo-yo diet, and I always ended up painfully powerless, upset and heavier. I was gaining weight then losing, then gaining again in a never-ending cycle. What a nightmare!

I enrolled in her "Hell to Health" private coaching program. I must say that the steps I took during the program blew my mind away! For the first time in my life, I understood that it takes more than popping some magic pills to block my appetite and improve my mood.

I found the key to my trouble when starting working with Natacha. She gave me some self-development tools and practical advices. But what I got the most from it is the knowledge and awareness that I gained about our food industry, our healthcare system and our daily lifestyle. I have been able to reduce my stress level and my depression is almost gone.

I came to the realization that I should put some effort to improve my current situation. I learned the fundamentals, the science and psychology behind my weight gain, my mood swings, and my negative emotions.

I also joined a weekly support group, and I met wonderful encouraging people. I realized that I was not the only one in this situation. I felt immediately understood, loved and accepted the way I was.

I am doing it for myself not to please others. I am slimmer and get my sexy-back! I declared that 'I am beautiful and going to stay that way.'

Thanks to the guidance of this wonderful French Lady, I am so grateful for all the progress I’ve made and for goals I have been able to accomplish in just a few months!"

~ Karen, Ontario Canada

"Sugar! My worst enemy. If only I realized the devastating effect that my sweet tooth had on me earlier! Natacha helps me to understand how important it was to stop my co-dependency to sugar, how bad it was for my psyche and how devastating to my body.

I needed to remove that substance from my diet and so I did. It was very difficult at the beginning to realize that I had become, over the years, a helpless sugar junkie. But after a few agonizing days, my craving disappeared. My impulses lessened, my mind quieted and I was able to regain control of my diet. The best part now is, even though the sugar is out of my life, I never get that horrible sensation of hunger.

Today, I have a solid knowledge about nutrition and I’m making long lasting progress toward a healthier and happier lifestyle. My doctor says that my blood sugar is regulating by itself, but they don't understand why. Well, I do and that's what matters.

I also like to add that Natacha's cooking classes and coaching sessions have been priceless to me. Money-wise, I have been able to avoid a costly surgery that would have certainly led me to a financial bankruptcy. My medical doctor had planned to amputate my two feet.

I understand that I was the cause of my self-destructive behavior and poor food choices. I don't think I would have been strong enough to survive the emotional trauma of being chopped apart and the impact it would have on my professional and family life after the procedure. I don’t think I could have survived something that horrifying."

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