Quadratic Functions

Alyssa Carmitchel

Parabola Parts/Vocabulary

Parabola- The parabola is the u-shaped arc.

The Vortex- Where the parabola changes direction and starts to curve

Maximum/Minimum- The Maximum/Minimum is the highest/lowest point the parabola will reach.

The Roots- The Roots are the points where the Parabola intercepts the x-axis.

Notes on Maximums/Minimums

If the "a" in your problem is negative, the parabola has a maximum and opens down. If it is positive, it has a minimum and opens up.

What I've learned

I've learned that a Quadratic Function is pretty much just labeling an arc. Not all Quadratic Functions have roots, because they don't all intercept the y-axis. I've learned what vortexes and roots are and when a parabola will be maximum or minimum.