Is reading really good for you?

Find It Out!

It's almost summer, and you know what that means....summer reading lists. Not only did you spend the school year reading from text books and studying the classics in language arts, but now you have more over the summer. Teachers and parents are always insisting that you take a break from the television and crack open a book instead. But why? Is reading really all that important?

Actually, it turns out that it is. Just like running works out your body, reading trains your mind to be able to concentrate and think unlike anything else. While you may be learning from an educational program on television, watching TV does not help multiple parts of your brain work like a team as reading does, so you will not be getting the added benefits from learning the same information by opening up a book.

While you may not be worrying about it now, reading keeps your brain healthy and feeling young. Getting in the habit of reading now can keep you from developing bad diseases like Alzheimer's. Alzheimer's keeps you from being able to remember information like you used to which isn't much fun. Do your mind a favor now and help it to stay strong when you need it.

Not only does reading just keep your mind healthy and acting the way it is supposed to. It helps you expand your vocabulary, so you can do better in school. It also allows you to expand your imagination. You get the opportunity to learn about whatever you want to even if it's not in the curriculum at school.

Try It Out!

  • Wondering where to start? Take at least one hour out of your usual TV time to curl up with a good book. Get your friends on board and ask them if they can recommend any good books. Here's a link to how you can buy some of those best sellers! http://www.amazon.com/Best-Sellers-Books-Childrens/zgbs/books/4
  • Tired of being told what to read? Write out your own summer reading list. Go to a bookstore and look at new bestsellers for ideas or ask your local librarian to give you some suggestions. Don't forget to do your reading for school though! If you don't want to make your own, though, here's a fun summer reading list based on your specific grade level. http://www.education.com/seasonal/summer-reading/
  • Don't want to read alone? Start up a book club with your friends. Pick out a book that interests all of you and start reading! Meet up once a week to discuss what you've read and your thoughts on it. You can even ask your parents to get involved by making a small snack for each club meeting. If you need some help on how to organize your new book club, here's an article to help you with some of the basics. It even includes suggestions on what book to read! http://www.pbs.org/parents/education/reading-language/reading-tips/kids-book-club-basics/