Daniel Moon

All 6th Grade Science Assignments

PBL Project

This project was the project where we built Tony Starks earthquake resistant house. We had designed and built this house out of clay, popsicle sticks, and tooth picks. This was the driving question:How can we as structual engineers construct a two story house in california for Tony Stark that can withstand seismic activity?

Atmosphere 30 Hands Project

This was the 30 Hands hands project that took me a while to do. This project was about atmosphere and climate change. Climate change is any change in climate from tempature rising to weather pattern changes. Atmosphere is the thin layer pf gases that surround the earth. I gave a bunch if info about the subject along with the negitive effects it would have on our in our ecosystems. I liked that we were able to present our project

Invention Convention

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Our Invention convention project was a group project where we had to build an invention or inovation out of reused materials. My partner was Max Tu and we build our project as a solor powered plane that planted trees. Our first design wasn't good so the plane was made at my house using the ton of cardboard I have that I cant fit into a giant bag. So we took most of the cardboard and compressed it into a plane. The final product is the image at the top.

End Of 2015-2016 Science is Near

I really liked the lab in the layers of the atmosphere. The lab was about measuring air, in this lab we measured a balloon with air, and without air to see if the one with air weighed more.
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