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March 5, 2015

NCTIES CCS Presenters

North Carolina Technology In Eductaion Society - NCTIES

We are excited to announce that Cabarrus County Schools had several folks from Instructional Technology present at the NCTIES conference this week in Raleigh, North Carolina. CCS had the following presenters:

What is Augmented Reality? What is Aurasma?

Presented By:

Camella Herrin - ITF at Rocky River Elementary School

Mary Ellen Brafford - Lead Teacher at Rocky River Elementary School

Sherry Harris - ITF at Bethel Elementary School

Augmented Reality is the process of superimposing digitally rendered images on to real world surroundings giving a sense of an illusion or virtual reality.

Aurasma is a scanning app that activates when it hovers over a specific trigger image. You can make absolutely anything a trigger. Aurasma recognizes the triggers when you follow specific accounts where those images reside.
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District, School, and Teacher Websites That Engage the Community

Presenter: Jennifer Jenkins, Cabarrus County Schools Staff Development Coordinator and

Patti Freeman, Cabarrus County Schools Instructional Technology Facilitator presented on the CCS website.

To Google...and BEYOND! Hidden Resources, Tools and Secrets within the Google-verse.

Presenter: Michael Trump, Cabarrus County Schools, Instructional Technology Facilitator at Northwest Cabarrus Middle School

Technology Updates from NCDPI

NCDPI shared several items at the mid-annual supervisors meeting in Raleigh. Listed below are the items that were presented:

  1. Annual Media Technology Report (Updates)
  2. Digital Learning Day
  3. Federal News
  4. Connectivity Services/Erate
  5. School Net
  6. Powerschool
  7. Guidelines and principles for Digital Learning Planning.

The powerpoints/handouts for each of the above items is located at the link below.

State and Partnership Updates

Save the DATES


Please mark your calendars for the Summer Technology Camp. The dates for the camp will be August 5th and August 6th. Everyone is urged to begin planning sessions for the camp. More news about the camp will follow in the next few weeks.

Digital Learning Day

Reminder -

Digital Learning Day is tomorrow, March 13th. We are very excited to learn about all of the things that you are doing at your school. The newsletter next week will Highlight all of the exciting events. If you have not listed what your school will be doing for the event please do so on the Google Document before tomorrow.