South reigon of the usa

By Sam and Brady

South reigon

Welcome to our webpage! first, to the right we have a picture of the south reigon.


The Appalachian Mountains system runs through Kentucky Tennessee. And it forms a boundary for Kentucky and Virginia.

Coastal plains

Coastal plains average amount of snow is 10 inches. The temperature is less mild because it's closer to mountains and farther from the ocean.


The Ozark plateau is often called the Ozark mountains. It also has rugged hills, deep valleys , and swift streams. That give the region beauty.


Now we will tell you about climate in the south. The south averages 50 inches a year. The south doesn't get much snow compared to other riegons because of how close it is to the equator.
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About 119,771,934 people live in the south.

Major city's in the South

Orlando is a major city in the south. Also Austin Texas is a major city in the south. You all know this one. Disney world is a very popular city in the south. Its a very fun place! Miami is another major city. Along with disney world it is in Florida. Tampa Bay is ANOTHER popular city in Florida. Mont gomery Alabama is another popular city. Jacksonville is a popular city in Tennessee. There is also a Jacksonville in Florida. The Florida Keys is one of the most popular citys in Florida.