Southern California Waterproofing and Decking Services

About WICR Inc

A waterproofing contractor, Wanke Industrial Commercial Residential (WICR, Inc.) specializes in deck waterproofing, deck construction, as well as deck repair and maintenance solutions. Led by Fred Wanke, the company has more than three decades of industry experience and completes approximately 300 projects annually. WICR, Inc., takes on commercial as well as residential projects, and the firm incorporates elements such as below-grade parking, planters, and courtyards.

WICR, Inc., partners with a number of industry leaders, including Tremco, Dexotex, and Crossfield Products in finding solutions to common waterproofing issues. The firm played a vital role in developing double membrane systems, which are optimal for below-grade and below-tile waterproofing systems. In total, WICR, Inc., has applied 5 million square feet of waterproof coating over the decades and installed in-air barriers that prevent the elements from entering and help decks last longer. The Southern California firm highlights its full range of services at http://www.wicr.net.