CES 1970's 1st period



The OPEC, or Oil Embargo affected many people's lives in the 1970s with its limited oil supply. This shortage caused prices to go way up and cause an international recession. The effects of the recession also caused inflation and unemployment for many people. This period of 1970-1973 represented the worst financial distress that the United States had seen since the great depression in 1929.

Another conflict was in the 1970s and it was PFLP hijackers. On September 6, 1970, four jets flying to New York City and one to London were hijacked by members of the PFLP. This same day, other planned hijackings on other flights happened. The planes were forced to land in a small airstrip in Jordan. The whole reason for this chaotic event is because the PFLB wanted all of the Palestinians to be released from prisons in Israel.

Lastly, the Woman's Liberation Movement of the 60s changed the way we think of women forever. Imagine being denied a job just because of your gender. The Woman's Liberation Movement was a very hard time for women because they were discriminated because of their gender. Women were expected to marry in their early twenties, have children, and be a full time stay at home mom. Women couldn't start their own business without the help of their husband, get a credit card, get an Ivy League education, and so much more. Life for women was very difficult until changes were put in place to help women achieve. For instance, president John F Kennedy passed the Comission on the Status of Women.

After that law was passed, life for women was much easier.