Dedicated to health and humanity

We hope that you might have heard of our humble efforts to give a soothing touch to the one in despair. We are not claiming HOPE either as an institution or an organization. It is a message to provide “some HOPE to the HOPELESS”. We consider the services to the poor, destitute and those suffering from fatal diseases, disabilities, old age etc as our duty and call you all to be with us, sharing this novel message, ‘dedicated ‘ for service to humanity.

Of the various programmes of HOPE, establishment of a network of Spastic Rehabilitation Centers through out India occupies top priority. This is because the beneficiaries stand as the most neglected and sidelined ones from mainstream, even by parents. The “HOPE Rehabilitation Centre and Special School” at Pilathara of Kannur District in Kerala is emerging as a Golden Quill in our activities towards this end.

Partly opened in 2007, the centre has a sanctioned strength of 195 inmates with 102 occupants at present. It may be enhanced to 750 to 1000 when the project is completed. It is aimed to develop as a research and development centre on rehabilitational services.

Maintenance of the centre requires with huge funds towards food, medicines, hospital expenses, salary for the specially trained staff etc. Rs 2 to 2.5 lacs per month is required now. Further funds to meet loan repayments, purchase of equipments, emergency construction works etc are to be found in excess.

Apart from small donations and sponsorships from well wishers and kind hearted people around us, we are not getting any financial assistance from any of the foreign or native funding agencies to meet our contingencies.

We cordially invite you to join this mission of virtues

With a HOPE never ending