Friday Flash

PHS News, Recognition, and Upcoming Events

A Captive Audience

Teach the children so it will not be necessary to teach the adults.

-Abraham Lincoln

The world of education most of us knew in school is a vastly different landscape than the one we know now as teachers. Not only have the students changed, but our perspectives have changed as well. With those changing perspectives there is not doubt that education has improved greatly. We have this perspective because we are actively immersed in this culture of balancing tremendous rigor with caring for our students and getting to know them as individuals; however, for many adults, their perspective is based only on what they remember from school and not the great experience and education that their children are receiving. As always, our greatest responsibility is to our kids, day in day out, I know that you as a staff teach the children through that difficult balance that is the ever changing landscape of education. For that, I thank you!

Upcoming Events

  • Monday, December 7 - Band and Choir Concert 7 PM, PHS Auditorium
  • Saturday, December 12 - District Christmas Party @ White Pine
  • Friday, December 18 - Wranglers in Action - more to come on this

Classroom Spotlight- Gregory Allen

Synchronize and Harmonize

In preparation for the upcoming PHS Christmas Program on December 7, Mr. Allen worked with his choir class on synchronizing one of their numbers with the turning off and on of flashlights. Coordinating four different singing groups to do this while at the same time harmonizing is quite a task. As the process unfolded it was astounding how Mr. Allen built on each component to bring the group all together as one by the end. Ask Mr. Allen for more details, or better yet, come see it in action at 7PM on Monday! It will be lights out...did you see what I did there?
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