Sheild Volcanoes

By:Jabrianna Coleman

How does a sheild volcano form?

Molting magma shoots up and out of the bottom of the ocean floor and breaks through the drifting plates and forms a shield volcano. Lava flows softly and continuously out of the central volcanic vent or group of vents.

How do they know it will be a possible eruption?

-Temperature of rocks located inside the volcano increase.

-Emission of gas and steam from a volcano.

-Number increases on small earthquake or tremors around volcano.

What landforms occur from both type of volcanoes?

Shield volcanos can become extremely big over time and some of the landforms that can occur over time from this costly erupting volcano is islands in the middle of the ocean floor, mountains.

What role do volcanologist play around active volcano?

Many may think that being a volcanologist is a adventure everyday but its not they have to try to understand why volcanos explode, or how they work and why they work like that, or to tell us people when a volcano is going to erupt and why it erupt like that. that is what they do.

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How does lava flow from sheild volcanoes and what damages come from it?

When a large amount of lava flows out of a volcano free-flowing lava spills from a vent and spreads widely, and some damages that can occur from that is to massive destruction to land and things but rarely people losing there life over it.