The City Of Lights

Paris, France

Eiffel Tower Here I Come

My first year of taking French I got very intrested in the language. Then we started learning about the culture of the French, I started liking the way they things, what they eat, thier language. I started dreaming about how awesome it would be if I got to visit France. Since then my dream has been to take a picture by the Eiffel Tower.

Bonjour To France

Sunday, Nov. 5th 2017 at 9pm

Pairs, France

In the Fall of 2017 I will be flying to the City of Lights. For about $2,600 per person I will be going with my sister-in-Law.


some challenges I might face are I get lost, I wont want to leave France, or we run out of money.


the language I would have to speak is French, I can understand French but I do not know how to write it, but I think ill be ok
Paris, France by Night