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Week of March 16, 2015

Growth Mindset...What does that mean to you?

How did you learn the power of perseverance? Who taught you what it meant to work hard? How do you define effort? All these question come to mind as I explore the concept of developing a "Growth Mindset". I was fortunate enough to have parents who instilled in us the value of working hard at "ALL" things. I still remember the many things I had to redo because my mom just knew I could do it better and she felt I needed to put forth more effort. As I got older, I understood what this truly meant and how this would impact my life later on. I am forever grateful for those life lesson.

I think it is important for us to arrive to a common understanding of a "Growth Mindset" and determine the benefits this has for the students we serve daily. Some may receive this training at home and some may not. If our calling is to teach the "whole student", we should not ignore the importance of training our students to believe they can improve and provide them the skills to do so.

Please watch the brief talk from Carol Dweck and bring your top three take aways to our PLC meeting this Wednesday.

Thank Mrs. Hare and Mrs. Kress for the fun filled Dr. Suess week!

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  • TELPAS online testing begins this week. Please make sure you discuss with your students the purpose for this test and expectations.
  • Maximize every instructional opportunity. Be prepared daily for greatness.
  • First grade teachers- Please make contact with Mrs. DeWitt regarding how to use the DRA/EDL reading inventory with your students. DRA/EDL will provide you with a more comprehensive reading level for your students and will allow you to track their progress. All First graders should be reading above a level 16 by the end of the year.

Thank you for seeing the potential in all your students and equipping them for success! You are one dedicated staff and a wonderful team!

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