Mrs. Frishe's PreK Class

Week of 3/21/2016

Spring Has Sprung

In case you can't tell by the pollen, spring has begun!! Temperatures were on the warm side but will be slightly cooler this week. Although the highs will reach 70 most days, we have recess at 11:30 so please make sure your little ones wear at least a light jacket all week.

As of right now, it does not look good for an outdoor picnic and egg hunt on Friday. We are hoping the forecast improves but if it does not, we will move the festivities indoors with the egg hunt possibly in the media center. Parents are welcome to come; in fact, we will need your help to hide the eggs.

Don't forget that all children will need an egg carton and 12 plastic eggs filled with candy or other little goodies. As previously explained, each child will hunt for eggs until his/her egg carton is full (12). This way each child gets the same amount and we don't have to keep counting and recounting as they go.

We will be learning about spring this week and doing some fun activities. We will be learning more about seasonal changes and what kind of weather to expect during spring.

Reptile Wrangler

The children really had a blast with the Reptile Wrangler. They got to learn about, see, and touch an American Alligator, a bearded dragon larger than Smaug, an Albino Burmese Python, a Leopard Gecko, Red Ear Pond Slider (turtle), an Argentine Tegu, and a Royal Ball Python. They also got to hear and see, from a very safe distance, a Timber Rattlesnake and Hissing Cockroaches.

A special shout out to Michael Weidner for taking some amazing photographs and sharing them through his website for all of our PreK family. He really captured the essence of the children's reactions to these exciting creatures. If you were not able to view the photos on his website, please let me know and I will share it with you again.

Smaug's Corner

Smaug really appreciates all of the goodies the children have been bringing in for her. A special howl out this week to Ander and Nicholas for bringing lots of crickets. We learned this week that she enjoys dandelion leaves and we have been bringing them in from the playground for her afternoon snack. She's as tough as some of our little ones when it comes to eating her veggies. She is growing by leaps and bounds which makes it easier for us to take her out for "Storytime with Smaug." She is very interested in all these tiny humans who sit and listen so well.

Important Dates

3/24 - PTO Meeting 2:45

3/25 - Picnic 11:10 and Egg Hunt 12:00

3/27 - Spring Book Fair Begins

3/31 - STEAM Night (Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts and Math)

3/4 - 4/8 - Spring Break