Looking for a Kentucky Fun Chick

Skylar Nieves

About Me

My name is Toby, and I have a real howling personality. I like to gaze and sing to the moon. I can run circles around dogs. I have a body full of fur and am able to keep you warm. Women love me for my sexy eyes. I can and will protect you at all cost. When there is a full moon, I will howl as loud as I can so that the whole world knows about our love. I am a predator and you are my prey. Nothing will keep me from hunting you down. If you're a "KFC" then you're the chick for me.
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About You

You are "warm-blooded" and I like that in a woman. I love feathers and you seem to have lots of them. When you are flying high in the sky, my heart soars with you. When you spread your wings your beauty blows through me. You take me to new heights. I can see us making beautiful music together.
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