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An Intimate Evening with Aaron Gillespie, VP of COBS Bread

ABOVE: Aaron Gillespie with CAFE VI President, Niki Kux-Kardos

November 22, 2012

"Family ownership adds another layer of complexity to the everyday challenges of business management. When harnessed correctly however, the benefits of family ownership far outweigh the costs. I welcome the opportunity to share the challenges and successes I have experienced, especially if it can be helpful to other families in business." ~ Aaron Gillespie, VP, COBS Bread

What a great evening last month at our Family Story Event featuring Aaron Gillespie, VP, COBS Bread. Thank you to all who attended, and to everyone who helped make this event a great success!

Missed out?

  • Listen to Aaron & our President Niki talk about COBS & CAFE VI on CFAX Radio (Minute 33:50)
  • Read how "COBS Bread keeps it all in the family" in this TIMES COLONIST article
  • Learn about social media from Aaron in this VANCOUVER SUN video clip

What our guests had to say:

"The wood paneling, and rich carpets and drapes at the Union Club added a classic touch to the event and remind me of the reason we all belong to CAFE. Family business is the root of this city. Family business, like any business, is ever changing, yet the basic principles, the challenges and the rewards are what create the strong roots that will continue to sustain the city. The COBS Bread family dynasty was interesting and inspiring, reminding us all that we are not alone. CAFE has given us a venue to meet with others who share common challenges and the wonderful benefits of tradition, but also the tools to move forward, to plan for the future, and to think 'outside the box'."

~ Linda Pendray, Owner, Pendray Farms

ABOVE: Stewart Johnston, Linda Pendray & Scott Fowler

"What a fantastic intimate evening where a group of like-minded business owners were fortunate enough to hear the COBS Bread story as told by the crown prince of grassroots bakeries. Niki's well thought out and perfectly executed interview brought out intriguing insights and sage advice that was immediately applicable to any family owned enterprise. The highlight of the evening was listening to Aaron answer questions from the audience, often with great candour and even hilarity. The evening was an absolute top drawer event and I am certain no one left without taking away something of great value whether it be knowledge, perspective or advice."

~ Jeff Lewis, Project Manager, Scott Plastics Ltd.

Family Business is so unique, challenging and different when compared to traditional business. The CAFE VI event with Aaron Gillespie was immediately comforting and familiar as he shared his family experiences. I found his comments entertaining, relevant and thought provoking. This led into some great discussions with other attendees who shared their stories, difficulties and solutions surrounding their family enterprise. I really enjoyed the night and can't wait for the next event!

~ Robert Madsen, Vice-President, U-Lock Mini Storage

A Refreshing Workshop with Amy Schuman

Managing Family Business Dilemmas

October 20, 2012

CAFE VI members and many future members joined Amy Schuman, a renowned and engaging international family business expert and speaker from the Family Business Consulting Group based in USA, at the beautiful Inn at Laurel Point. Amy guided us through a 3-hour power workshop on tackling tough family business paradoxes such as:

* Family first or business first?

* Do we invest or harvest?

* Do we chose love over profit?

A practical tool to manage paradoxes, a very interactive morning filled with sharing experiences, and great conversations with new and familiar faces summed up another fantastic CAFE VI event.

What participants had to say:

"The best part was how interactive the workshop was - we could share experiences that we could all relate to"

"The biggest accomplishment of my time there was the reminder that so many 'problems' are endemic in the family business world. We are not alone."

"Thanks to Amy for her time and care to help us grow as family business members"

"The session was excellent! More than worthwhile."

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