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Academic and voluntary

Academic Goal


My goal is to get a 75% or higher in History by the end of the semester.


Counting quizzes, assignments and unit testes plus the exam, would add a little bit over 30% on my average if I score a level 3+ or 4 on every assignment, quiz, and test. But if I fail a major assignment or get lower than a level 3 on the test, this would lower my average and my goal will become even harder to achieve. I will keep track of what I get on testes so I know if I am heading in the right direction or not.


Actions that will be taken to ensure that my goal is met includes, going in for extra help before class our at lunch, paying attention in class, and researching things that i don't understand. One of my strengths in history is being able to make a text to self or text to world connection, by doing this it allows me to remember important dates and important events that has happened throughout the worlds history. A weakness of mine is giving my full attention during a long presentation or lecture, this affects me in a way where my brain would go blank and not know what the teacher is saying at all. By conquering my weakness and continue exercising my strengths this goal is well in my reach.


This goal is realistic because I know I can achieve it, my average in History at the moment is 50%. You might be having doubts about me moving from a 50% to a 75% but I can do it, let me explain; I was in an academic class getting a 50%, I was late most of the times and I was often lost due to how fast they finish a lesson but now I'm in an applied course that I understand and know exactly what is going on. This class that I'm in right now goes at a steady pace and either I've already done what they're doing or I already know how to do that they're doing. You can say this is like a second chance to bring my grades up. This goal is important to me because I want my average to be above an 80% this year so my mother can be proud of me.


I have two months left in the semester, that would be 2 units left to cover. I have a unit test on May 6, 2016. which is tomorrow, I want to score a level 3 or higher on this test because that mark will up my mark by 5-10% and i always have an assignment that is due on May 11th, on this assignment I am aiming for a level 4 because it's not a hard assignment and it's a easy way to boost my mark.

Volunteering Goal


I want to complete 30 community hours by grade 11


I have exactly 4 months to complete 30 hours, if I spend 2 hours everyday for the next 3 school weeks volunteering at my old middle school that would give me 30 hours. I can gain my hours in less than a month, so without procrastination this is well within my reach


First I have to Email some of my old teachers to see if there are any after school programs that help is needed in. Then I have to organize my agenda so I know on what days I have practice and what days I have to be there. I will also have to make sacrifices like my after school naps, instead of napping I will have to use that time wisely to either do homework or chores


This goal is very realistic because I have 4 months to complete this goal and it only takes 15 days out of that 4 months to be accomplished. The only way this goal can not be met is if I slack off and just not do anything or if something happen to me and I'm hospitalized. This goal is important to me because, I have to have 40 hours in before I graduate from high school so it is something I have to do.


My goal takes could take 15 days if I spend 2 hours out of my day to volunteer or less if I spend more hours each day. If I organize my time well and balance out what I have to do to fit into my busy schedule, this goal is well in my reach. I
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Britney Darkins

ADDRESS 12 Helman Rd

Brampton, Ontario, l6r0r6

TELEPHONE 6478910141



With strong communication and listening skills, volunteer experience, and a drive to succeed, I am seeking a challenging position at a dynamic Law Firm that values and engages its employees. I am interested in athletic activities, I am also very social and is interested in the well being of others.


Louise Arbour Secondary School September 2014 - June 2018

Mcmaster University September 2018- June 2022



March 2016 - June 2018

  • Won multiple games for each season played

  • Went to OFSAA

  • Sports


  • teacher's assistant January 2015 - November 2015
  • Prostart Soccer Association June 29, 2016- September 1, 2016.


  • CO-OP Hundel Law Firm February 2017- June 2017.
  • Hundel Law Firm June 2018- December 2018


  • Filing

  • Receiving Calls

  • Setting Appointments

  • Cashier


  • Great problem solver, Very social, and able to work under pressure, Able to complete given task at the due date.


School Honors award September 2015-2017


  • Interested in Sports, Acting/Drama, Dancing and Music


Tanya Archer, School teacher, Churchvill Public School, (905) 796-4445 ext. 422,

Pamella Hundel, Criminal Lawyer, Hundel Law firm, (905)234-4543.

Obstacles In Being A Criminal Lawyer

As A criminal lawyer, you are constantly working under pressure but being being a young associate in the business may make you feel more stress than a lawyer that has been in the business for years. Deborah Glatter, Cassels Brock’s director of professional development says “Young associates deal with a combination of stressors. They are at the bottom of the food chain and have to get the work done under strict time pressures. The work can come at unpredictable times and sometimes conflicts with previously scheduled family events. They end up disappointing their spouses, family, and friends. If you’re isolated from your community, this can snowball into isolation and depression.”

Obstacle 1:

The competition, working in the law industry us lawyers feel the need to be better than one another. The whole industry is a competition after all our clients look for the best of the best, think about it; would you want a lawyer that is second best? Or you want the lawyer that is the best in the business? Being a baby in this industry contributes to these challenges a lot, There is no place for error, I am on my P’s and Q’s at all times which is extremely stressful and makes a simply day at work more difficult than it needs to be. There is no proper way to deal with competition but I look at it as we are competing with other lawyers and not against them just like a friendly team sport, we have to always remember that these lawyers want the same thing that you want and that is to be the best. How to deal with the fact that I am a baby in the business it pretty simple, I constantly remind myself that I worked for everything I have, I remind myself that my work is my blood sweat and tears and I will never stop rising as long as I have breath in me.

Obstacle 2:

Long hours, “Working long hours can be particularly harmful because it removes the lawyer from important sources of social support, including family and friends, which can ordinarily help buffer against the negative effects of stressful events”. I leave for work at 9 a.m. after I drop off little Cassidy to school and come home when she’s in bed, I only get to see my little girl on weekends and not even that is enough because I bring my work home with me. I try so hard to see my baby girl before she goes to bed most nights but not even that’s enough, she grows further away from me and closer to the nanny I even heard he calling the nanny mom but can I blame her. She’s only 3 years old, she needs a mother that is there for her but what can I do? Coping with long hours can be very challenging but I take time out to spend time with my daughter and husband, I see my family physician and I set numerous short term goals that helps me to keep track of where I am and keep everything nice and organize. As a family, in my household we have a no work rule on Sundays where my husband and I cannot spend any time in the office on less it is an emergency, we use Sundays to do things Cassidy enjoys and to spend quality time together.

Obstacle 3:

Getting paid, most times your clients are dealing with issues surrounding custody of child/children, divorce, and splitting of property. These are all sensitive issues that we have to discuss which are sometimes embarrassing, so bringing up payment conversations can be hard. I need my money but asking them to pay, and telling them the cost can be the most stressful thing. How do I cope with this you might ask? I find that I am afraid to ask for my money so I hired an assistant to collect all my payment and to bill all my clients, this way I don’t have to deal with that issue. I also assistant to build close relationships with my clients so that they don’t feel uncomfortable talking to her about their payments.

In conclusion, being a lawyer isn’t a stroll in the park, it has a lot of stressors and can be very demanding and difficult, many people quit the law industry because it requires more attention than they have to give but if you find coping strategies that works for you and your family, your law career will most likely flourish into something wonderful.