Good or Bad?

Is all stress bad?

When most people think of stress they automatically think it is bad, when in fact stress can be positive. There are two types of stress: Eustress (positive) and Distress (negative)

Benefits of Eustress:

-improves performance



Consequences of stress

- Anxiety and depression

- Poor Mood

-Unhealthy lifestyle if not coped with properly

Stress Prevention:

Primary Prevention: These are ways to prevent stress from occurring. Remove yourself from a situation if nessicary if you sense it will be stressful. A good way to prevent stress at home is to make a daily list of everything that needs done that day or week so that you can keep track of your daily agenda.

Secondary Prevention: These are aimed to prevent stress that is already occurred from getting worse or monitoring it. Such as someone who is working full time and trying to go to school, they should allow time each week to do something they enjoy and relaxes them to prevent them from having too much stress

Tertiary Prevention: This is to rehabilitate or get back to normal state. So if you have experience something traumatic such as the death of a family member and now you have so much stress you can seek counseling that will help you achieve your goal and lower your stress levels

How do I know if I am stressed?

There are many signs and symptoms to stress including:

-Low Energy


-Aches, pains, tense muscles

-High Blood Pressure

-Lack of Sleep

Defense Meachanism of Stress

Many people will go through steps when they become stressed out and the first step is usually denial. They do not think they are stressed out and just continue on without treating the problem which increases the amount of stress. Regression is where you go back in your life to a time so you may begin to think about what happened before the situation that stressed you out and in this stage many people see signs of depression and hopelessness. From there many people move to the acting out stage where they will physically or emotionally have outburst that they cannot control. However there are ways to prevent and cope with stress and these websites give details about coping with stress: