Teach Like a Pirate

Ignite the Spark!

Don't Touch the Candy!

The reason will be revealed later...meanwhile, P is for Passion but it is also for Popsicle. Enjoy the popsicles!
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Let's Eat--but not until step #4

1. You will find various candies in the center of your table. Help yourself. When you have selected your candies, show us you are ready to move on by having a crew member raise a Pirate Prop as the group falls silent.

2. Listen to Pirate Lulu's explanation of the game.

3. She/he who hoisted the Pirate Prop picks who will share first and proceed around your table clockwise from that person.

4. Hoist your Pirate Prop once more and quietly eat your candies when your group completes the task.

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