Renee Haarmeyer

School Librarian


“I really can’t think of any superpower that is better than reading. With reading, you’ve got them all. You can fly, you can time-travel, you can read minds, you can fight crime – anything is possible. Reading gives you the opportunity to expand your imagination, and live through the experiences, artistry, and knowledge of others. What could be better than that?” ~Dav Pilkey

I want to help our district enable students to unleash their superpower by providing a wonderful library experience. I would like to think I have made a difference at each elementary campus library the (sometimes short) time I was there. Whether the difference was in the space, flow and appearance of the library or in the atmosphere and library service; I always tried to leave each library better than I found it. I hope I have helped students and staff use their superpowers. Now, I would like to work with our district librarians to encourage, support, and enhance our program.

Library Experience

LISD School Librarian

In my 19 years at LISD I have worked at 11 different schools (13 if you count my practicum weeks):

Spr97 S.Wilson/RWilson practicum

97-99 Maedgen/Dupre

99-02 Harwell/Dupre

02-03 Harwell/Dupre/Guadalupe

03-04 Wolffarth/Dupre

04-06 Wolffarth/Bozeman

06-08 Wolffarth/Ramirez

08-10 Wolffarth /Dupre/Parkway

10-11 Wolffarth/Bowie/Wester

11-12 Wolffarth/McWhorter

12-16 McWhorter

A thought...

Read the best books first, or you may not have a chance to read them at all. ~Henry David Thoreau

Education and Certifications


Master's of Science in Educational Instructional Technology with an emphasis on Learning Resource Centers, Texas Tech University, Lubbock, Texas - 1997

Bachelor of Science in Education, Wayland Baptist University, Plainview, Texas - 1990


Elementary English, 1-8, Provisional

Elementary self-contained, 1-8 Provisional

English as a second language supplemental, 1-8 Standard

Learning Resources Endorsement, PK-12, Provisional

Career Highlights

  • While at Dupre I was nominated for the local TV news segment “Teacher you can count on.” I was interviewed by Steve Divine at Dupre’s library as a librarian you can count on…
  • For a brief time during the “district computer competencies craze” I was a computer trainer for the district and taught Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Marco Polo and Kidspiration classes at various campuses.
  • While at Wolffarth I was a member of the CPOC team.
  • In 2005/6 when libraries switched circulation programs from Athena to Destiny we had a group of librarians called Destiny CATS that were given a bit more training and asked to help others learn/navigate the program. I was chosen to be one of the elementary CATS.
  • In 2008 I set up the first year of Elementary Library Share Sessions. I chose the calendar dates, suggested topics and hosted one at my campus. Share sessions continue but our lead librarian now schedules the sessions and places them in Eduphoria for credit.
  • During the 2010/11 school year I was given the opportunity to help consolidate some school libraries and box books. Working afternoons and weekends teams were able to weed books, correct cataloging, and box books so that the new campus would be able to easily put books onto shelves to be checked out by students. I also helped librarians learn to import those book records into collections and print barcodes so that campuses could deal with hundreds of books efficiently and effectively. (Tubbs to McWhorter/Wolffarth and again boxing Parkway for Ervin)
  • During the 2011/12 school year I was selected by librarians to be librarian of the month and was featured in a segment on an LISD TV show.
  • At the beginning of the 2013/14 school year I was asked to present to our librarians updates in Destiny and ways to use and manage the circulation program.
  • I currently maintain McWhorter’s Destiny Library page (since 2005) and the McWhorter School Library Eduphoria web page ( )
  • I have been on various reading night committees at different campuses and host a reading night/book fair night each year.
  • I was asked to serve on the Summer Reading Challenge committee in its inaugural year and have continued to serve all 3 years. I coordinated summer library story time plans the first year (2013) and wrote the summer story time plans each of the other years (2014 & 2015).
  • I currently serve as the Elementary Librarian representative for the DEIC.