To provide superior Career and Technical Education enabling all students to achieve their aspirations.


Check out the 10 fastest-growing jobs of the next decade. Here's a sample:

Solar photo-voltaic installers (or, just solar panel installers) will be in demand through 2028, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics’ latest employment projections. The bureau expects today’s 9,700 workers in the field will grow to 15,800 over the next 10 years, or a boost of 63%. Those who hold the role, which involves assembling, installing and maintaining solar panel systems on rooftops or other structures, earn a median salary of over $42,000 a year.

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Weekly Brief

1. Thank you for a terrific full week of school. After talking to the principals and asking, "what is one thing that is really going well so far?" It's wonderful to hear, among some other great things, that our new hires are doing incredibly well. Please note that 44% of new teachers leave within five years. Question: How well is their mentor supporting them?

2. This week I attended the first Redding Consortium meeting. The goal of this committee is to make policy and practices recommendations to the "Governor and Delaware General Assembly that will achieve educational equity and improve educational outcomes for all Pre-K to grade twelve student inthe City of Wilmington and northern New Castle County. For more visit:

3. We continue to need people in high need areas, such as transportation (bus drivers), substitutes, and nutritional services. At parent night and open house, our HR department will set up a table to make these needs known and hopefully attract qualified candidates.

4. This week we met with the district liaison team and we discussed teachers being late to work. I will be sending out to the principals a uniform approach to this issue so each school handles these issues the same.

5. Terri released the 2020 Snow Hours procedure document, please review.

6. Tammy McDermott, Howard's new A.P. begins on Monday! We are very excited to have Tammy join Howard and the NCCVT community.

Up Ahead: Instruction...DPAS II Goals...Walkthroughs

Regardless of your position and title, our ultimate purpose is to make sure every student receives the very best possible education. In order to learn a student has to be in class, they can't be hungry, and they have to be engaged. We all contribute to their success. Thank you for all your hard work.

In July, we discussed our walkthroughs and now they should be in full swing.

Building Administrators:

-Expectation is that every teacher receives a walkthrough w/ feedback every other week.

-How do we make walkthroughs effective? Provide feedback using specific praise, constructive criticism,and professional dialogue

Non-Instructional Administrators:

Expectation is that each building is visited at least once a month.


Throughout this month, I will be meeting with the principals and district personnel to set and formalize their annual goals. This year we will use the DPAS II component V goal sheet. We won't have an additional form to complete.

Since we are a high school only district, we don't have Measure A goals, so you will have either a Measure B and a Measure C goal or two Measure C goals.

For example, a building administrator will have an SAT goal for her Measure B and a career area credentialing assessment pass rate for their Measure C.

A non-instructional administrator may have two Measures Cs directly tied out our Strategic Plan:

You can access the DPAS II guide here:

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Quote on Principle B--Behavior

People's behavior makes sense if you think about it in terms of their goals, needs, and motives.

~Thomas Mann

Going Beyond...Introspection

Know Thyself. Take a few minutes and spend some time thinking about yourself by answering the following 3 questions this weekend:

1. What is my ideal definition of success?

2. Do I express enough gratitude and appreciation for what I have?

3. What do I most often choose to ignore?

Important Dates

9/17 -- Unit Count Begins

9/19 – Parent Night

9/20 – Unity Day (about 30 students from each school will come to the Sharpe center for a day of leadership).

9/23 -- Governor's Construction Career Expo

-- Board Meeting at St. Georges

9/30 End of the Unit Count