Great Barrier Reefs

Wonder of the Sea

What is the Great Barrier Reef and Why Is It Important?

The Great Barrer Reef is the one of the seven natural wonders of the world, the only living organism able to be seen from the sky, and it's importance is inmeasurable as it contributes economic, ecological, and medicinal facts.
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Benefits (Economically)

The Great Barrier provides great amounts of economic benefits to Australia and the world by providing thousands and thousands of people with jobs, and providing over $3 billion dollars of economic activity via tourism and $1 billion by commercial, recreation, and subsistence fishing.

Benefits (Ecologically)

Ecologically speaking the The Great Barrier Reef provides many different services to the environment like:
1)Provide Biodiversity only matched by rainforests.
2)Major Food Source for many people in the Oceania and Southeast Asian area.
3)Protects the coast since it slows down waves before they hit the shores.
4)Sequester Carbon Dioxide.
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Benefits (Medicinally)

Although unable to list specific examples, National Oceanic and Atmospheric has listed on their website the coral reefs like the Great Barrier Reef have contributed to medicines used to treat cancer, arthritis, Alzheimer's Disease, heart disease, viruses, and other diseases.
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Tips to Help Conserve and Protect the Great Barrier Reef (When Touring)

  1. Don't touch anything.
  2. No souvenirs.
  3. Maintain Buoyancy aka Stay above the coral.
  4. Don't litter.
  5. Watch where you fin-try not send sediment flying as that will disturb the environment.

...At Home

At home, the same tips used for environmental protection is the same.
Reduce electricity use.
Reduce Waste