7th Grade Math PLC

News to Use from December, 2015

Norms are in place

  • We will avoid checking emails and text that are not related to meeting agenda or student learning.
  • We will maintain confidentiality regarding disagreements expresses during the meeting.
  • We will begin at 8:10 and end by 8:40. All members will be on time and with agreed upon materials.
  • We will be positive, respectful, and engaged during all meetings.

Tim Kane, Debra Harris, George King, Kerry Winborne, and Maribel Diaz

PLC Focus

Create and administer common assessment and record data (use Canvas Quiz to support this initiative)

Analyze student assessment data and implement alternative strategies when necessary

Create diagnostics / pre-assessments for common units of study

Important Math Date

District Assessment

District 2 Assessment T2 (Window December 14, 2015 through January 22, 2016)

All Staff – Please see email below from Tim W. regarding printing Mastery Manager in chrome browser

We have found an issue that has developed printing Mastery Manager assessments. To be clear, it appears that something may have changed in the Chrome browser that making printing pdfs default to having the “fit to page” checked (whereas previously this did not seem to be the case).

The fix appears to be simple: please make sure when the printing window comes up when printing a Mastery Manager assessment, the “FIT TO PAGE” box is not checked.

Please UNCLICK the fit to page box.

Fraction Nation

PLC has discussed the use of Fraction Nation for all of our students as a baseline of concept knowledge. However, we faced several issues around the accessibility of Fraction Nation as well as usernames. Kelly T. assisted in entering student IDs rather than a random numeric username established by the software. The student ID is now in place, but in testing Fraction Nation, we noticed that regardless of the pre-assessment, all students started at lesson 1 rather than an appropriate lesson based on pre-assessment results.

We are still discussing the viability of Fraction Nation vs. IXL and will keep members updated as to our next steps.

Scope and Sequence for 7th Grade Math (Regular)


Follow the link to 7th Grade Canvas PLC site for the latest Scope and Sequence document.