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What is New and Crazy

  • A new family has moved into Lake Windsor Downs!
  • New kid named Paul has joined the local middle school and soccer team
  • New family freaks about muck fire
  • New football player takes the stage
  • New kid named Erik joins the local high school
  • Paul has figured out to be legally bind.
  • hard work at school for middle school students
  • Mom joins the homeowner's Association
  • Dad brags about kid.
  • Mike Costello is dead.

Update on the Erik Fisher Football Dream

So some ways Paul's and Erik's life's are similar are that they both have to go to school, and do outside activates. Another way they are similar is that they both have hobbies.

Some way Paul and Erik's life's are different is that Paul doesn't get any attention from his dad the way Erik dose. Another way they are different is that Erik is like the star of the family and Paul dose not get as much attention as Erik. One more way they are different is that Paul notices things that Erik doesn't.

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Problems in the area

Cause and effect

One MOYA issue is stress.Paul feels stress in the book so he feels like he has to take care of everything. Another MOYA issue is bullying. Paul got weird glasses so people call him eclipse boy. One Final MOYA issue is anxiety. Paul didn't know what his new house looked like so he was nervous to see what it look liked.

Join the local Football Team!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Do you like football? Do you want to be the best?

Then come Join the local Football team at the local high school!

Please bring your gear, water, insurance, a football, and a form telling us that your parents will let you play.

15 to 20year olds only!


Mike Costello is officially dead today after a lighting strike hit him during football practice. He was standing near a goal post before the strike. Local coaches, and police tried to save him but couldn't. The entire family is in shock and grieve and soon everyone will start making their respects.