Could This Day Get Any Worse?

A struggle to get through one school day.

The Conflict

I had never transferred before where I remembered it and didn't want to. I was forced to move to a new place and I didn't like it. CC Griffin had all types of kids that I wasn't used to and I couldn't stand it. I was different, the bad kind of different. In one day I had gotten mud on my pants , fallen in the hallway, and forgotten how to say my name. The school started off horrible and I didn't know what I was going to do.

"I had to deal with her telling everyone I was her daughter, making me more of an outcast."

The solution

All day I went through to each class as more and more kids realized that I was my their English teacher's daughter. She started on and on about her family in my class. I had to deal with her telling the whole class that I was her daughter while I was in there, making me more of an outcast. The next day was different. I waltzed into those rooms with so much confidence you could almost smell it. "Yah, your English teacher has an actual life and a real daughter. Deal with it." I strutted my stuff and introduced myself to people who would become my best friends. I told myself then that if I was ever in a citation i didn't feel comfortable in i would always stand tall and be confident.